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About Cultural Broker

The main aim of the cultural broker is to ensure cultural brokering plays an important role in ensuring that access to and to enhance the delivery of, culturally competent care is maximized.


What is Cultural Brokering?


Cultural Brokering has quite a few definitions. To be precise it is known as the act of bridging, connecting or mediating between groups or persons of differing cultural backgrounds with the aim of reducing conflict or bringing about a change.

The work of a cultural broker to be a mediator between, the person who advocates on behalf of another individual or group as explained by Jezewski & Sotnik in 2001.

Wenger in 1995 explained it in a different manner. According to him, cultural broker means a health care intervention which allows any professional to utilize cultural and health science knowledge and skills to broker a health care deal with the client and the health care system that is more effective and beneficial.


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